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Pathological analyzes

Pathological analyzes

The department was established in 2009. This section includes eighteen teaching assistants with high proficiency and experience, in addition to the other specializations that support the study process. The number of students is 523. It includes four classrooms equipped with modern technology. Each hall accommodates 120 students.

The mission of the Department of Analytical Analysis: To support the labor market graduates of the Department of Medical Analysis who are competent and equipped with the ethics of the profession and scientific knowledge and practical skills, and raise the level of the profession locally and Arab.

Vision of the Department of Pathological Analysis: Excellence in Education in the field of supporting medical sciences (medical analysis) through the provision of distinguished programs academically at the local and regional levels, and the preparation of qualified cadres able to raise the level of health behavior in the community and enrich scientific research in the field of medical laboratories.

Objectives of the Department of Pathological Analysis: Preparation of graduates to practice the profession of medical analysis with high efficiency. Provide training sites for students to gain experience in medical analysis. Developing the spirit of scientific honesty, accuracy and integrity in conducting various laboratory tests. Provide the local market with specialized competencies.

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