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Due to the urgent need for scientific and practical skills in nursing, the Nursing Department was established in 2016, which is one of the scientific sections of Ibn Hayyan University College, became the site of the department within the college compound.

Nursing Department Message: The College of Nursing offers highly qualified nurses who are able to provide comprehensive nursing care to individuals, families and communities who meet quality standards in nursing and are able to meet the challenges of rapid changes.

Vision Nursing Department: The Nursing Department strives to achieve outstanding educational outcomes of graduates who will recognize their excellence in therapeutic and health care, recovery and discipline in nursing, and encourage scientific research to meet the needs of the individual and society.

Objectives of the Department of Nursing: The department seeks to excel in the academic and educational aspects through the preparation of effective learning programs for undergraduate students. The department works on excellence from other departments, colleges and universities by adopting research programs and contributing effectively to improving the level.

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