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  • Contains more than twenty-nine educators.
  • It includes a selection of qualified dentists in addition to other specialties.
  • It has 13 classrooms, each accommodating 120 students.
  • Includes 10 laboratories equipped with unique devices in Iraq.

The dental faculty is well known in innovative dentistry education, commitment to cultural diversity, the discovery and transfer of scientific knowledge and the superior skills of our graduates to achieve the highest degree of patient care and service.

Vision of Dental Department: To be recognized internationally as a leader in education, research, patient care and service. To be a leader in research, scholarship, education, services, patient care and advocacy in oral health care.

Objectives of the Department of Dentistry: Educate and graduate professionals in the field of oral health care and attention to the cognitive, dynamic and emotional skills necessary to manage the oral health care needs of the community. Teaching, educating and graduating cadres specializing in dental health.

Ibn Hayyan Specialist Hospital: The Department of Ibn Hayyan College started the establishment of a specialized dental hospital within its campus on 9/9/2015. The hospital is estimated at a total area of ​​1500 square meters with two floors containing eleven halls distributed between research rooms, medical examination, surgery and administrative units.

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